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About Me

Doug Seegers is an artist with an honesty that only comes from decades of pain. His lyrics strike to the heart when read and his voice pierces your soul when heard. Waking up one morning under a bridge, hungover and wondering what went wrong, he threw away the bottle and pipe. He had the courage to ask for help. This act of being humble opened the door to a local food pantry and homeless shelter pointing a Swedish film crew his way. This film crew then recorded his heart-wrenching song “Going Down To The River” (3.5 million hits on Spotify so far.) This song shot to number one on Swedish iTunes, and reserved Doug a seat on his first-ever airplane ride to go perform in front of sold-out crowds in Europe in his 60s.

Doug’s story is one that is worth telling, his life has elements we can all relate to even if we have no interaction with the bottle or pipe. The familial struggle is all too real and becoming more and more swept under the rug. The story of his song 'Angel from a Broken Home' stems from Doug's father abandoning him at the age of eight, leaving him with nothing but Hank Williams discs and a broken heart.


In 2018 Thomas Nelson Published “Going Down To The River” a book written by Steve Eubanks and Doug Seegers. Going through his life and his stories. Doug proves that having the courage to be humble, the perseverance to push through the worst, and the heart to never forget how to love and be loved, can all come together to create a miraculous journey that the world needs to know. His voice is timeless, his soul is boundless and his hard work cannot be matched.


Doug’s story transcends country music and transcends addiction. It is rooted in universal truth and universal emotion.



Booking Agent


Hilda Sandgren

+46 704408500


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